For dancers, staying fit and healthy is a necessity. Being smart about how you maintain that lifestyle is even more important. Whether it’s managing the stress on your body, maintaining your flexibility, or choosing the right foods to boost your energy, knowing the healthy ways to keep your body in check is essential.


One of our company dancers, Jill Marlow, has a blog dedicated to sharing with other dancers ways to maintain that healthy lifestyle. covers a wide range of topics, including healthy foods, how to listen to your body, dancer profiles, and other topics that help educate dancers about their health.

Apart from being a company dancer here at KCB, Jill is also a Pilates Reformer Instructor and received a bachelor’s degree in Health Education from the University of Cincinnati.


In Jill’s words, “I dedicate dancehealthier to all those “hungry” dancers who are in constant reach for more (we can’t help that we are perfectionists).  Whether you read and never look back, or become an avid reader, my hope is to educate, motivate and inspire you in some way throughout your own personal quest for “that more” – whatever it may be.”

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