Have you ever been to a performance or a play, and not quite understood what was happening on stage?

Here at Kansas City Ballet, we want you to have a great experience at our productions, which is why we have a number of outlets for you to discover and learn more about what you’ll be seeing on stage.

Our winter show featuring A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a great example. You can view the program notes on our website to freshen your memory of Shakespeare’s tale of life and love. Ticket holders can also attend our Belger Footnote Series, pre-curtain talks held one hour before each performance at the Kauffman Center. You can also learn more about this ballet in a video created by KCUR.


KCB Dancers

Splendid Isolation III has a passionate story behind it.  The choreography is based off the love story of Gustav Mahler, the composer of the music used in this piece, and his wife. Curious?? Listen to KCB’s Music Director, Ramona Pansegrau tell this amazing true story. You can also hear from two of our company dancers who perform the piece and go behind the scenes of a rehearsal in this video.


Dancer Stayce Camparo

Researching and learning about the ballets before the performance will you give you an entirely new perspective on the day of the 

show. You will have an understanding and appreciation for the ballet that will enhance your overall experience.

The last piece on the program, Concerto Grosso, was created by Toni Pimble specifically for Kansas City Ballet. It premiered in 2010, and you can read all about it on our website.


KCB Dancers

Moral of the story? Do your homework! 🙂 And don’t miss the last weekend of our Winter Show, featuring these three ballets! March 22-24 at the Kauffman Center – tickets available on our website.

*All photography in this post is by Steve Wilson.